50+ Expert Reveals Their Starting A New Blog Challenge & How To Overcome This

50 expert roundup - starting a new blog challenge
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On April 19, 2016
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We have interviewed more than 50 Successful experts and asked one question to them - what were their 'starting a new blog challenge'.

If you are one who experienced exactly what’s written in the headline – Starting a New blog Challenge & how to overcome this challenges, then, you are in right place to explore the answer on how to overcome this challenge.

We have interviewed more than 50 Successful experts here who had the same challenges as you do. These Experts are master or I could call them Guru’s in their respective niche who has taken some time to answer my interview question and to teach you guys how to overcome these challenges.

Here is the question that was been sent to Experts:

What were your challenges faced as a Startup/Blogger/Entrepreneur and How did you overcome this?

Out of 60 Experts, around 50 Experts have taken some time to send me their reply and few are still pending to send and couple of them just denied due to time constraints and promised to be part in my next expert roundup. I value everyone’s time and that’s why I would like to Thank You each and everyone who contributed here, it really means a lot to me.

I get lots of emails from my reader asking How to Start a blog, I read lots of FB groups, Forums and Comments on various top blogs, and it looks everyone or most of ‘new’ bloggers face the same challenges. To my knowledge I feel most of them are least bothered to learn, they all want to make $$$$ in just 24 hours. My dear readers, blogging is not a 24 hrs game, its your dedication with your skill that gives you paid in near future. Don’t run behind money, don’t be impatience, don’t be greedy, wait, wait for the right time, do your best, post always good content, try to connect with experts in your niche, learn how to grab traffic from social media, market yourself, brand your website and that’s how you will make money and improve yourself.

This was the main reason why I wanted to ask a big question to the top 50 Experts, I emailed them not just the question but also insisted to provide some tips or ways to overcoming these challenges. If you know, every challenges has a outcome but since you are beginner and may not know how to overcome, I made it easier for you guys.

Without wasting much of your time lets see what do these Experts got to say on their starting a new blog challenge or starting a new online startup challenge and how exactly they overcome this challenges.


These are some of the Starting a New Blog Challenges.

  • No Time
  • Language barrier
  • Can’t stay Focussed consistently
  • Dunno how to bring Traffic to your new blog
  • Not so Technical to handle html/css stuff
  • Dunno which niche to opt, whom to target, not sure how to convert website readers to Sales.

and ways to overcome these challenges are:

  • Make a To-do list, focus on main tasks and work according to the deadline
  • Hire someone from Freelance/Elance or hire someone who can edit your work
  • Read more of inspiration/motivational quote; when others can, why can’t You?
  • Same issues with all newbies. Read some SEO strategies, build audience on Facebook, Twitter, Make some connections.
  • Why don’t you hire someone from fiverr/elance/odesk. You would get plenty of them for reasonable rates.
  • Major issues. Consult some expert in your niche and learn them. Follow their work and accordingly construct your blog or brand to be successful.
This article is quite lengthy with more than 15,000+ words and that’s reason I have used the below table to list them all with a shortcut link. So if incase you want to read your favorite Experts advise, simply click on their names in the table below and it will be taken to their advice paragraph. (it will avoid scrolling manually)

Expert Advise On Starting A New Blog Challenge & How To Overcome This:

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50+ Expert Reveals Their Starting A New Blog Challenge50+ Expert Reveals Their Starting A New Blog Challenge


1.    Zac Johnson

Zac JhonsonZacjohnson.com | @zacjohnson | facebook.com/zacjohnson

Expert BIO: Zac is an Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Blogger and Super Affiliate. Zac Johnson is been making money for almost 20 years for now and he is very active guy when it comes to Social networking.

Read what Zac has to say about his challenges faced while starting a new blog and how he overcome the challenges:

One of the biggest problems new entrepreneurs and startups have when trying to start a business online is finding their value, target audience and how they are going to make a business out of this. Let’s take blogging for example — it’s extremely easy to setup, create content and get people to come to your site. However, without creating content that has a purpose and value, there really is no point. At the same time, most content creators start off not knowing who their audience is, what they are offering to them and also created a site with no monetization or call-to-actions in place.

This is something I break down step by step in my make money blogging tutorial. The biggest and most common problem with starting an online business based around content is that too many people think it’s just about “creating content”. With over a billion sites online, you need to have a very niche focus value to your site and know how to sell to your audience. A perfect example of this would be if you created a review site for just web hosting. You know your audience wants hosting, so give them everything they need to take that next step on your site.

Follow this business model and put in the necessary time and research before launch and you will be that much more likely to find success.

Zac Johnson of http://zacjohnson.com

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2. Yogita Aggarwal

Yogita AgarwalDreamtechie.com | @tanyagarg60 | facebook.com/tanya.garg60

Expert BIO: Yogita is a passionate blogger from Delhi NCR, India.  Yogita blogs full time and also have some decent years of experience in online marketing.

Let’s see how Yogita overcomes the starting a new blog challenges:

Hello Admin, Thanks for making me the part of DazzlingThemes family. Like any another blogger, I started my first blog just because of interest but my love for blogging made the very versatile professional blogger from Delhi NCR.

Blogging seems very easy from distant but ask professionals, it is an activity that requires lots of hard work, time and dedication. What all I have to do in a day, as a full time Blogger & an Content Marketer –

  •       Attending events and launches if any
  •       Write blogs about events
  •       Update both blogs daily
  •       Social sharing of published content
  •       Managing social media profiles and promotions
  •       Coordinate with team
  •       Coordinate with content marketing clients and bloggers
  •       Monitoring blog traffic, income reports, technical issues
  •       Entertain more than of 70 emails from different brands, pr agencies, clients and team.

Problems those I faced in the very initials days of my full time blogging life were –

  •       To get the right team to work, that too on freelance basis.
  •       Monitor and solve ongoing technical issues of websites.
  •       Blog promotions & Brand building activities to add value to the blogs
  •       Update both the blog’s daily.

How I overcome from the above faced problems –

I always believe you can do good alone but to do best you will be needing best team, especially when you have the dream and deadlines those are not allowing you to sleep.

My all four problems solved by solving the root problem which was ‘The Team’. Now I have 4 people with me who are helping me in running my blogs smoothly. One person handles social promotions of both the blogs and another one handles the technical issues. Rest two writers who help me with content.

Your Intake From My Exp – Find the root cause of all problems and solve that for a smoother startup or blogging journey.

Hope it helps.

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3. WPDean

WPDeanWpdean.com | @TheWPDean | facebook.com/TheWPDean

Expert BIO: At WPDean, the admin provides lot of tips, news on WordPress, Blogging, Plugins, Themes. WPDean are also specialized in developing new free WP themes for their users.

Read what WPDean has to say about starting a new blog challenges and how did they overcome:

The biggest challenge I have ever faced in my entrepreneur career is myself and especially my health.

It is very common that when we are loaded with work, responsibilities and deadlines from clients as well as families, we tend to start ignoring workouts, gym and ignore ourselves completely. And one day you see yourself as tired, lousy, unhealthy and unhappy. And it did happen to me as well.

I have recently started working on my physical health. And this is the advice I give to others also. Health is primary. Work on yourself first.

On a professional note, I think the biggest challenge I have faced is hiring the best in-house talent. When you are new or running a startup, job seekers won’t take you with much interest. They come and go quickly looking for a bigger profile in a larger firm.

Most recently, we have shifted our focus from hiring in-house team towards keeping a dedicated online team. Now more than 80% of our team works from across countries over the internet. This approach is working well for us till now.

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4. William Spiritdancer

William SpiritdancerMydreampower.com | @spiritdancer | facebook.com/william.spiritdancer

Expert BIO: William Spiritdancer is an entrepreneur, blogger and filmmaker.

Hello how are you, my name is William Spiritdancer and I run several blogs: moviewhat.com, Urban-Nomads.Net,  and Dream-Warrior.com .  The main challenge that I find when I try to start a new blog are at first technical.  Even though I’m a very technical person, it takes me several weeks to get a blog set up technically as far as self-hosting, finding the right theme, configuring that theme in the proper way.  Finding all of the right plugins and configuring all the plugins properly.  All of this work takes a long time and it’s very tedious but it needs to be done correctly.  I have a huge spreadsheet where I track all of this in minute detail, it’s like a secret recipe that you don’t want to lose. If your blog is to go in the right direction you must spend a lot of time on this non-content technical stuff.  I’ve noticed that if I do these things correctly the blog will pretty much run itself and I can automate a lot of things and focus on producing good content.  Building a blog is like building a digital building digital brick by digital brick. The cool thing is as you do these things over time the blog will become more and more solid over time.   I’ll also say that the second hardest thing is SEO and getting traffic to my blog without having to pay for it but if all the other things are done properly that I mentioned then in time this will usually take care of itself.

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5. Tom Hunt

Tom HuntVirtualvalley.io | @tomhuntio | facebook.com/tomhuntio

Expert BIO: Tom Hunt is a TEDx Speaker And Founder of Virtual Valley. Virtual Valley a platform to hire an awesome virtual assistance in 5 minutes

My biggest challenge in being an entrepreneur was facing my inner uncertainty or “imposter syndrome” as it is commonly known. I used to ask myself questions such as:

– Why would anyone listen to me?

– Why would anyone want to buy my product when there are such better ones out there?

– What’s special about me to enable me to become a successful entrepreneur?

Until I realized that most other people at such an early stage of entrepreneurship think the same.

Then a funny thing started to happen…

Over time, as things started to go right, I started to build self belief that people would listen to me, that my product was valuable and that I could become a successful entrepreneur.

And it was at this point that things really started to work…

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6. Thad Allender

Thad AllenderGraphpaperpress.com | @GraphPaperPress | facebook.com/GPPthemes

Expert BIO: Thad Allender is a founder of Graph Paper Press and he is good at coding WordPress themes for photographers, videographers, designers and artists.

When I launched Graph Paper Press back in 2007, WordPress wasn’t thought of as a tool that photographers, artists or magazines could use to create websites. Our themes helped to change that perception. At the time, I was working as a photographer at a large publication, and I had a lot of connections in that industry. We didn’t have a launch strategy, a

Marketing plan, a product roadmap or anything. Everything happened organically. We grew because of personal recommendations and partnerships with organizations who had similar customer profiles.

Starting with a niche focus was undoubtedly the smartest thing we did.

Today, the market has changed and WordPress is thought of as one of many viable solutions for building websites and portfolios. While the demand for themes has risen, so has the number of theme companies.

Today, our challenge is marketing. Since WordPress is a distributed platform, WordPress users face an avalanche of options when it comes to of finding quality themes and plugins. Simplifying this is a real challenge that WordPress and companies that build products for WordPress face in the future. Other platforms like SquareSpace make this process incredibly easy.

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7. Suzi

SuziStartamomblog.com | @startamomblog | facebook.com/startamomblog

Expert BIO: Suzi helps other mom’s start a blog and raise a family at the same time.

My biggest struggles as a blogger is finding time to blog as this is not my full time gig. I have a family to raise as well which only gives me about 2-3 hours a day to blog.

What has helped me the most is knowing when my most productive times are during the day. I save the early morning hours for creating content which requires a lot of focus. During the little one’s nap time I promote my posts and do marketing and networking with other bloggers. And at night I spend time researching and improving my blogging skills. Having standard work that I follow has improved my ability to blog and raise a family! I create reference guides to also help me along, such as my Facebook Groups Promo Schedule, so I never miss a promo day in over 40+ Facebook Groups. Or my super simple weekly schedule. These awesome resources enable me to get more done with the little time I have.

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8. Suresh Kumar G

Suresh Kumar GSureshkumarg.com | @thesureshg | facebook.com/thesureshg

Expert BIO: Suresh Kumar is a Blogger, Vlogger, Techie from India. Suresh writes about Digital Marketing, SEO, and sometimes geek stuff.

Everything you start whether it is a blog, startup, or business there is a “WHY” behind it, the reason behind starting the whole thing. We shouldn’t forget that. Just write it in a diary, and keep reading as an affirmation at the start of the day. That reminds you and keep that words in your mind forever.

By doing this, you can include that in your USP(Unique selling proportions) Because of this impressive line. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

The more you think about it, the more clarity you gets, based on it, you will find your target audience demographics.

It’s a life changing movement for me; I hate monotonous works. So I hired a VA, who can do this for me, just they need proper training. By doing this, you get a lot of free time. In the positive note, you’re creating employment too.

Using that time to learn new things like following up with the customer to know their feedbacks, and this data is very crucial to make the product even better.

You can also use this time to learn new things, which you can incorporate in your business or blog. Like, if you have a blog post from your blog that makes money, most of them move to another blog post right? That’s the biggest mistakes; we are losing a lot of sales or lead from it. Optimise it and never stop it.

I implemented this on one of my side projects, You need to optimise from start to end of the funnel. There is a boost in sales from $100 to $2000 per month; the site has just less than 500 visitors per month. Seeing the power of optimisation? Still I have a lot of optimisation to be done there too. So start doing the optimization for the blog post or website you’re having.

Get out of monotonous works, and keep learning and start implementing. By doing this, you can earn more, experience, confidence in you.

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9. Siddharth Rajsekar

Siddharth RajsekarSiddarthrajsekar.com | @sidz | facebook.com/siddharth.rajsekar

Expert BIO: Siddharth Rajsekar is a pro Blogger, Speaker and passionate about teaching how to blog to the newbies. Sid often writes on internet lifestyle podcast on his blog.

When you use Google Maps, you always set your destination first, and then you start your journey. The same goes with blogging.

The biggest challenge I faced as a blogger when I got started was not prioritizing my day properly.

The heart of blogging is in delivering ‘quality content’ which resonates with your target market and getting them to come back again and again for more.

But when you get started in the blogging space, you tend to divert a lot of your time in understanding wordpress, plugins, SEO, back-linking and possibly also HTML/CSS editing, etc. – which are also important, but you can get carried away.

So the key is in differentiating between your ‘income producing activities’ and ‘necessary activities’ before you even get started blogging. It’s also good to plan your blog monetization strategies well in advance, and start building a list.

So to be successful in blogging, you’ve got to focus on 2 major things:

  1. Build your Strategy. (80% of your success is in planning. 20% in execution)

– Identify your niche. Focus on one topic only.

– Do proper Keyword research before you start

– Set up an publishing calendar so that you manage your time properly

– Have a monetization strategy: Offers to promote, etc.

  1. Daily Personal Development (the more you know, the more you’ll grow)

– Learn everyday: from other blogs, videos, books, etc.

– Always keep taking notes so that you can blog about it

– Never give up. Be consistent for at least 6-12 months before you see any results.

– Learn the art of direct response copywriting
So these are some of my daily habits that helped me overcome the initial challenges of blogging.

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10. Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay MehtaSanjaymehta.me | @sm63 | facebook.com/sanjaymehta

Expert BIO: Sanjay Mehta is an entrepreneur, E- commerce, Social Media expert. Sanjay is been into entrepreneurship since long 1997. Sanjay has good hands-on experience in Internet businesses and marketing knowledges perhaps no one would match his skills so much in India.

Read how Sanjay overcomes the startup challenges during his time of era:

Well, Social Wavelength (now Mirum) started in 2009, and it was a very organic shift for me from my e-commerce venture Homeindia.com that started in 1998.  The challenges I faced in the beginning were majorly around the factor that Social Media was still a theory. It was just a concept for many so convincing people, be it employees or clients was tough. Not to forget, there was a constant financial crisis as this was a startup.

I got in luck when it came to getting started as I came in with experience in my hand. I was welcomed everywhere as a CEO and used to offer an hour of free talk about social media. Most of my client conversions happened there as I would get asked ‘How can we use this for our business’ or ‘How can Social Wavelength help them’. So our client base started buzzing but hiring a team was a still a persisting issue. But mystically or however, what worked with Mirum was the one person who I knew before Mirum even started, joined the company, bought into this venture and didn’t just stick around but pulled his friends in and the friends pulled their friends in, and basically that’s how we got rolling on the people front.

So now that we’re getting business, came the next problem. The services business entailed a credit period to clients, but salaries, rents etc. needed to be paid upfront, each month. Since we were a startup with no track record at that time, we could not get bank loans, but then at that time, investors from my previous venture, with whom we enjoyed excellent goodwill, wrote us a check and got us going.

You know, there is this story in Marketing where two salesmen go to sell shoes to a foreign country. While one said ‘it’s a disaster idea because no one wears shoes’, the other salesman said, ‘it’s a great opportunity, no one wears shoes!’ The point that I am trying to make (and I know it’s easier said than done but I can also say that I know it works), at the end of the day, especially as an entrepreneur, it’s all about having the perseverance and constantly working with a conviction to your goal, making the most of what you have, constantly turning obstacles into opportunities.

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11. Ruth Zubairu

Ruth Zubairu Sheiscomplete.com | @sheiscomplete | facebook.com/ruth.echem

Expert BIO: Ruth Zubairu is a blogger cum freelance writer. She is a full time blogger working from home is a proud mother of two cute twins.

Life as a blogger.

Challenge 1: One of the challenges I had was finding my niche. This was due to the fact that I had several interests which didn’t have the same audience. After a clarity session with Adrienne Smith, I decided to blog about inspiring women – something I had passion for, whether or not I’d earn from it.

Challenge 2: I am a non-techie person.

All the html and codes confused me. I took courses that led me step-by-step into the world of blogging. I’d recommend Jon Morrow’s Serious Bloggers Only community for that. Kevin Duncan’s posts have been super helpful.Learning everyday I would say, is the lifestyle of every newbie blogger. So invest in yourself.

I also learnt to build relationships with wonderful bloggers like Sue Anne Dunlevie, Mary Fernandez, Henneke Duistermaat, Harleena Singh and the Aha-now community.

Challenge 3: I had to care for my young children and grow my business. After interviewing successful women in my Huffington post,  I realised that I wasn’t alone. And decided to work my schedule around the times when the children are asleep or at daycare. It meant more late nights for me, though. Hahaha. But adjustments have to be made for the work to go on.

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12. Ron Sela

Ron SelaRonsela.com | @ronsela | facebook.com/ronselaonline

Expert BIO: Ron Sela is a Full time Stack Marketer who specializes in digital B2B marketing campaigns. Ron is also a Content Marketing specialist and a project management solution for new start ups.

Like most of us, when I started blogging I faced challenges that made the inception process of my blog a little more interesting. The first hurdle that I faced when I decided to blog was the fact that I had no audience whatsoever.

Why write when nobody is going to read it? I found myself writing but not consistently. After investing time and effort into building my audience, I started getting a good number of readers. I also went a step further to add the link to my blog on every email I sent. The numbers went up.

There is a lot of competition out there and standing out in the virtual world is hard. I started an online search and read several blogs on blog marketing. I discovered that I should not just write to promote services or products, I should write to inform and add value. That is what my blog is all about today, adding value to my readers and me.

When I started blogging, I was just writing about my services. I was not adding much value to the reader. Once I got to know the importance of creating value I started writing on the benefits of a business blog, press releases and other forms of writing, and my readers started asking for more information.

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13. Romy Singh

Romy SinghRomysingh.com | @romysinghblog | facebook.com/singhmithlesh

Expert BIO: Romy Singh is an author, writes on startup, motivation digital and entrepreneur.

A year ago I started my blog (www.romysingh.com) with the thought of helping entrepreneurs to stay inspired and motivated in their journey of helping people with their idea.

We all need help at some point in our life.

We all need advices that can help us make the accurate decisions.

We all need a person or words of encouragement to stay focus and  inspired.

And I want to be that person. Once a person helped me to get through the rough time and offered me one simple advice, because of those few words I’m here.

I believe that few right words can convince people to do anything.

But after starting my blog I came across many challenges. Few of them were old and I knew how to deal with them but most of them were new and unexpected.

I invested lot of time in reading and experiments to figure out a way to get rid of them. There were two challenges that made me sweat really hard for few days.

1: Fresh Content And Writing Ideas

The first challenge was serving my readers fresh content every time they visit my blog. I was quite troubled and stressed out for few days, because coming up with fresh information on consistent basis is a very challenging thing.

But after few deep thinking hours and experiments I came across a single thought that helped me to come up with an solution. The thought was, “Ideas are everywhere” I truly believe that we are surrounded by ideas it’s just we don’t pay enough attention to our surroundings to notice those ideas.

When you start paying attention to what’s happening around you; you’ll realize that they are always something to write about and someone who’s in trouble and needs an advice.

2:  Getting Heard

There’s so much noise out there that it’s really very hard for new blogs and bloggers to get heard. The quality of your words can’t make a difference if there’s no one to listen to  you.

You voice will never reach to the people who needs to hear it. You need a way to get heard or else you will end up quitting. The best way for me was filtering out the bad and good voices.

Connect with the people who bring value and have strong following. Build your own platform and audience with the help of these people. Once you have your own audience all you have to do is keep providing valuable content to the audience and you’ll keep on growing because people loves to talk to other people about good things. Be so good that your audience do the marketing for you.

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14. Rob Cubbon

Rob CubbonRobcubbon.com | @RobCubbon | facebook.com/robcubbondotcom

Expert BIO: Rob is an Amazon bestselling author and an online instructor. He has also worked as a graphic designer and creative director for print since 1995. Later on he started with his own company, titled Rob Cubbon Ltd. Since 2008 he is been active working from home and travels the world running his 6-figure business.

Read what were Rob’s major challenged during his blogging career and how he overcomes this:

Definitely the biggest challenge that I faced when I started out was getting traffic. I had no traffic because I had no authority. I had no authority because I had no traffic. I felt like I was in a bit of a Catch 22 situation and that there was an impenetrable elite of successful websites that I couldn’t be a part of.

But I kept going. I put a lot of effort into my blog posts. I kept an eye on Google Analytics everyday. If I got one extra visitor that read one of my articles as a result of a search engine query. I kept an eye on the queries that they would type in. I found that information fascinating 10 years ago and I find it fascinating now.

I also invested a lot of time in relationships with other bloggers and business people. I responded to every email I received. I emailed people who interested me online. I went to conferences and meetups.

In short, I tried my best and put consistent effort into it over 10 years. Did I see overnight success? No. Have I enjoyed every moment of the last ten years growing an online business? Yes. 🙂

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15. Ramsay

RamsayBlogtyrant.com | @BlogTyrant | facebook.com/blogtyrant

Expert BIO: An Australian blogger who successfully sold a blog for 5-figures in college days and now helps others to do the same. Ramsay writes on couple of topics like growing an email list, selling a brand new website in easy 8 months, SEO, blogging tips and many more..

Read how Ramsay overcome his blogging startup challenges:

One of the biggest challenges, for me, was figuring out how to make enough money to pay the bills whilst still having enough time to work on my new online projects. If you spend too much time on the new stuff, you run out of money to pay for rent. But if you spend all your time focusing on paying the bills you never end up making your entrepreneurial dreams come about! It’s a real catch.

One of the best things I did was take part time work… offline. I worked as a cleaner in a gym from 6am to 10am and then came home and spent the rest of the day learning how to start successful blogs and online businesses. This gave me enough money to cover my bills and enough time to write content and work on building my new brand.

If new bloggers are struggling financially during the initial phases I’d encourage them to look at getting some part time work. It takes away a lot of stress and gives you a bit of cash to sink into things like marketing and hiring experts. You can even use sites like Freelancer.com or ProBlogger Job Boards to find some content writing work, etc.

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16. Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep KumarHellboundbloggers.com | @HellBoundBlog | facebook.com/hellboundblog

Expert BIO: Pradeep is CEO & Founder of Slashsquare & HellBound Blog, Internet Marketer. Pradeep covers on vast areas, some of them are Blogging, Social media, Make money, SEO etc

During my Blogging Journey I faced plenty of issues, I can compile a huge list for that, but the most annoying issue I faced was “motivation”. Yes, that’s true. Blogging is indeed my Passion, but still, sometimes, we need something ‘extra’ to continue the journey smoothly. I’m a self-motivated person by default, and since Blogging is my full-time profession, I need to overcome my challenges by setting goals and conversions. I had two setups – 1) Money as a Motivation 2) Satisfaction as a Motivation

The more I earn, the more it’ll be easy for me to blog and expand our network. So this was indeed a beautiful motivation for me, I started to prepare some interesting strategies to monetize our blog network. Last but not least, ‘Satisfaction’ was the best Motivation. But, wait, what’s Satisfaction? Well, it can be anything. But here, I’m not talking about my satisfaction alone, but it’s the reader’s’ satisfaction. Whenever I help someone in our community, I feel satisfied. So, the real question, what is your satisfaction overall?

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17. Parul T Bhargava

Parul T BhargavaVcommission.com | @conundrumation | facebook.com/vcommission/

Expert BIO: Parul T Bhargava is a founder of the company called – vcommission.com. vcommission.com is a India’s Leading Affiliate Network delivering performance on web & mobile.

As an entrepreneur, the biggest challenge is setting up a team trained enough to put forward your business as you yourself would. Affiliate industry is a very unique domain and finding apt professionals is close to impossible. Having overcome this challenge in the past few years through our rigorous inhouse training schedule, now things are great and comfortable for us. vCommission now is a team of 60+ well trained and motivated professionals who work together with the same vision to impact the digitization in our country.

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18. MSI Sakib

MSI SakibTechmasi.com | @msisakib | facebook.com/msisakib777

Expert BIO: Sakib is a Bangladeshi Blogger who loves to write on blogging, SEO, Tech related stuff. You can also see Sakib working on some of the Android apps along with the help of his university friends.

I faced mainly 2 problems as both blogger and entrepreneur, one is coming up with unique and effective solution and the second one is collecting investment. I don’t believe in product or service, I believe in solution. Real businesses are not selling any product or service, they are selling real solutions. Thus, coming up with unique solution needs long and deep market research and user analysis. I solved this problem by breaking the problem into many small pieces and solving the chunks of problems.

Investment is a big part of any business. In case of my Techmasi blog I saved my earned money for a long time without spending and later I re-invested the money for better acceleration. On the other hand, we got the investment for our new Startup Droid Digger by participation in Hackathon. The prize money we got as the champion team is somehow enough for initial acceleration.

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19. Michael Wong

Michael WongMizko.net | @mizko | facebook.com/MizkoWebDesign

Expert BIO: Michael Wong  is an Australian award-winning designer and Founder of Mizko Media Product.

The biggest challenge for me as an Entrepreneur was realizing that I couldn’t do everything myself. As they say “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. I come from a tech background with a passion in design, marketing and business. When I built my first profitable online company at 17, I was lucky enough to be able to run the entire operation myself and still make an incredible income stream.

However with this mentality in mind, I would always try to bring new ideas to life by myself. But as you get older, there comes more responsibilities which suck up more of your time. There were plenty of times when I would have a great idea pop up and try execute on it. I would either lose focus, run out of time or begin to lose sight of the vision.

I then came to a realization that I simply can’t go as far as I wanted by myself. Humans are designed to work together and collaborate – we are social beings. Since then I’ve started 2 new businesses, both with different partners and are doing extremely well. Finding the ideal partner takes time and it’s never easy. Reach out to those who are great at what you’re not, organise a Skype conference, dig at each other’s goals and motivations, Understand each other’s processes, acknowledge each other’s strengths and weaknesses and divide work accordingly and Create a trial task and see how things go!

In the end, just remember to have fun as an Entrepreneur.

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it.”

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20. Maxwell Ivey Jr.

Maxwell Ivey Jr.Theblindblogger.net | @maxwellivey | facebook.com/Mr.Midway

Expert BIO: Maxwell Ivey is a blind blogger at www.theblindblogger.net and carnival equipment broker, an author, a public speaker and life coach.

Regardless of what business you are starting, it always comes down to creating income and income comes from attracting clients. When I first started helping people buy and sell amusement park and carnival equipment, I was the new guy with a new business model. There were more established companies with bigger names and more resources. Also, these other websites offered free classifieds supporting themselves with advertisements.

My plan was to work on a commission basis receiving a percentage of sales. In the early days I compromised my standards to get listings. I took clients who asked me to add my fee to their asking price. And I took listings on the even more dangerous “I’ll take care of you”. I eventually realized that I would have to come up with some hard and fast rules and not accept any listings from anyone who wouldn’t agree to my terms. I finally got my first listings from people who knew me or my dad from back when we owned a carnival. I also got listings from family who were still in the business. So, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help, just do it in a professional manner.

I still had trouble getting a lot of people to return my calls or answer my emails. I finally solved this by asking myself what I could do for them that they would want enough to open my emails. The answer was free text links to their businesses. I would write them an email saying here is your potential listing on my site. I would go on to tell them that the link would be completely free in exchange for signing up to my mailing list. I then promised them that they wouldn’t get more than one email a week. This worked. I gradually started building a list that now has over 3,500 addresses from all over the world. And I noticed that each time i sent out an email about new listings, I would get inquiries about what it took to list their rides, games, inflatables, generators, concessions machines, etc.

Building this list is one of the most valuable and cost effective ways of building my business and something I continue to do even now. It’s something I’m doing my best to emulate in my new business of life goals coaching, public speaking, and writing. Its not as easy finding something people want or need enough to sign up to my new list, but I’m doing my best to remember all the lessons I learned with my first company The Midway Marketplace. For example you have to be clear on what you offer and who you want to work with. This is something I have struggled with at The Blind Blogger. But I think I have a new area of expertise that may help me with this. I’ve become something of an expert in using online media to share my story and build my brands. People seem to be interested in this service, and I’m finding people who are at least willing to talk about hiring me to promote them online. The bottom line is you have to know who you are and what you do and stay as true to it as possible. After that it’s all just tools and techniques. Thanks so much for inviting me to contribute to your post. I hope this helps some of your readers avoid many of the pitfalls I had to struggle through and that I sometimes still find myself confused by. Thanks again and many blessings to you and your site, Max Ivey, www.theblindblogger.net  www.midwaymarketplace.com  

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21. Matthew Woodward

Matthew WoodwardMatthewwoodward.co.uk | @MattWoodwardUK | facebook.com/MatthewWoodward.co.uk

Expert BIO: Matthew is an Award winning blogger from UK. You will often see Matthew covering topics like link building, traffic generation, social media or conversion rate optimization on his blog. Matthew is one of the greatest Speaker as well who trains you to achieve your dreams online.

Matthew talks about challenges faced while starting a new blog and how to overcome this:

When I first started out in blogging, the biggest challenge that I faced was keeping everything organized and prioritizing my tasks effectively. I always found it very hard and confusing when trying to keep track of things.

It was this general confusion and lack of organization which led me to find The Secret Weapon getting things done system.

It’s basically a free productivity system that uses your email software combined with Evernote to organize absolutely everything, not just in your business but in general life as well.

Once the system is setup you can record all of your tasks, notes and ideas quickly before you forget them. Because the system is based on the 100% free Evernote software it means that it doesn’t matter whether you are using a laptop, tablet or your phone!

You will be able to access them no matter where you are or what you are doing – it really is that easy and staying organized like this has made a huge difference in my business.

It means that I can get more done in less time, so I can focus on having fun instead of working hard. I highly recommend you do the same.

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22. Mary Lou Green

Mary Lou GreenBigideaschool.com | @Mary_Lou_Green | facebook.com/MaryLouGreenAuthor

Expert BIO: Mary Lou Green is an entrepreneur, inventor, lifelong student and recent co-author of Shark Pitch, How to Get a Retail Shark to Sit Up and Beg to Buy Your Product.

Read what were Mary’s start a new blog challenges:

This was it!

Our Big Idea was going to free my boyfriend (now husband and partner) from a job causing him migraines.

We were sitting on a bench under the stars in Elitch’s Amusement Park in Denver, CO. Dennis turned to me and said, “In the next hour I’m going to have an idea that will make us a million dollars!”

I said, “Great! I can’t wait to see what it is.”

We strolled around the midway and came across a booth called Spin Art.  For a dollar you could make a picture by squeezing paint in plastic bottles onto a canvas spinning on a turntable.

After we each made one, Dennis said, “We can crop these and make framed abstract paintings to sell as graphics. Let’s do some more.”  Twenty dollars later, we had the beginning of our very first company called Metagraphics.

We cropped twelve paintings and made 8×8 inch lithographs.  Each graphic was matted and inserted into a 12×12 aluminum and glass frame.

Dennis created a colorful contemporary gift box designed for mounting on a wall.  Several boxes could be grouped together to create a continuous design.  We thought this extra step in designing the box would make our graphics the perfect gift to give as a housewarming present instead of a bottle of wine.

We approached sales reps at the Denver Mart and found a rep group willing to represent us.  They helped us create sales sheets and figure out our retail pricing. We were on our way.

Dennis quit his job.

I didn’t quit my day job so I was teaching when Dennis went to our first big trade show at the Los Angeles Merchandise Mart in 1976.

Retailers came into our booth, looked at our art and asked, “What’s it supposed to be?” They looked for graphics with rainbows and puppies and flowers because that’s what their customers bought to put on their walls.

In three days we didn’t make a sale.

This story is a prime example of not asking the fundamental question necessary to make our product successful.  What problem did our product solve for our customer?    

Products need to solve a problem for the customer, not for the designer/inventor. Was giving abstract art a well-known problem we were solving?  No, it was a problem we dreamed up to give ourselves a reason to start a business.

We didn’t know the fundamental rule to marketing a product:  Research – Test – Evaluate.

If you create something you think will sell in gift stores, or shoe stores or hardware stores, you need to be sure a lot of people are looking for that kind of product.  Kitchen gadgets make good gifts because they have a high probability of solving a problem for the gift giver and the gift receiver.  Books make good gifts because you can match them to the receiver’s tastes.

We discovered too late that no one was complaining about not being able to locate abstract art in a gift box.

Here are three basic questions we learned to answer when designing a consumer product:

  1. Are you solving a real problem or eliminating a real pain that more than a few people care about solving?
  2. Does a market already exist for the problem you are solving or are you creating a brand new category and adding even a greater challenge to marketing your product?
  3. Can you create a unique solution for a price that customers are willing to pay and still make a profit?

What happened to Metagraphics?

After the LA Gift Show with barely any money, we pivoted away from graphics and started designing unique greeting cards and a line of stationery with rainbows and puppies and flowers. We learned to give customers something they loved to give, and they rewarded us with continuing to buy our products.

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23. Marvin Harriott

Marvin HarriottOnvisibility.com | @onvisibility | facebook.com/onvisibility

Expert BIO: Marvin Harriott shows in his blog how to gain more visibility online by doing right things at right time. Marvin writes on getting visibility to your podcasts, videos, blogs and websites.

I had a great idea but I needed visibility, I needed to be top of mind.

What I did was I put a face to my business and I made sure people saw it. Videos, podcasts, blog posts and social media. I did all of this even though it could have been the hardest thing I’d ever done. And I did it until my brand got noticed.

I adopted Twitter because I needed to network but found it difficult. I take part in Twitter chats because you get to meet so many new people without needing to leave your home. I virtually become the second host when I take part.

I base my brand on my personality and I write about things that have affected me. But here’s the killer tip, I found my inner cause and shared it with the world. My aim is to create a movement and I’m just getting started.

I believe that getting online should be simple.

This is what drives me to continue, I haven’t made it yet but I still have time. I also have a face and a voice. And I will say that you have the same.

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24. Marko Saric

Marko SaricHowtomakemyblog.com | @MarkoSaric | facebook.com/HowToMakeMyBlog

Expert BIO: Marko is an Advisor and blogger. He writes about content marketing, social media and blogging. His blog is all about how to make a new blog and he explains various steps to create a new blog, write content, perform SEO and lots more.

Read what Marko Saric has to talk about his challenges during his blogging career:

The biggest challenge for any blogger is finding an audience for a project. There’s so much noise and so many opportunities out there that your blog could easily fail and not get any visitors. I overcome this in a two step process. First is that I only publish content that answers questions people have. I always have my audience in mind when creating something new. The content is not about me, but about something that people find value in. The second step involves me going out there and sharing my content to relevant places and people. I try to find people interested in my topic and show them the value of visiting my blog.

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25. Main Uddin

Main UddinPerfectbloggerstech.org | @mainuddinassam | facebook.com/umain30

Expert BIO: Main Uddin is from North East India and he is a founder of Focus A-Z Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. He is also Author and regular columnist for couple of famous blogs.

As an early bird e-entrepreneur from North East India had faced more difficulties than common Challenges are faced by Indian entrepreneurs. Apart from rigid structure and bureaucracy that exists in starting their business startup entrepreneurs face several challenges and hurdles along the path to growth. But thankfully, the situation is never completely void of hope.

  1. Capital Deficiency
  2. Team Competence
  3. Lack of Reliable Mentors
  4. Failed to Learn from Mistakes
  5. Lack of marketing opportunity

Where major capitalists’ born entrepreneurs laid in bed at night, wondering if they’ll ever see the fruits of their labor — or if they’ll have to leverage their home as collateral to realize their dreams. But, getting advice from people who’ve walked in their shoes before can have a remarkable impact on overcoming startup struggles.

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26. Louie Luc

Louie LucBuzznitrous.com | @BuzzNitrous | facebook.com/BuzzNitrous

Expert BIO: Louie is a full-time Internet marketer that loves writing about online business and traffic generation ideas on his Buzz Nitrous blog. He believes that people can do anything they put their minds to and live their own lifestyle business.

Read what were Louie’s challenges while starting up his career and how he overcomes this:

I had many challenges when I decided to bet all my chips on the lifestyle business.

The fact is I had actually been laid off and couldn’t find work on another company due to the economic crisis that stormed Europe.

Don’t get me wrong: my goal has always been to make a living out of my online businesses but I was pushed against the wall right there and there.

So I needed to quickly learn a lot of important lessons: how to run a business, how to choose the right people to work with, how to form the right working habits and be productive, how to focus on what’s important, how to say ‘no’, how to manage my time and even more.

My biggest struggle was finally letting go and be able to delegate and / or outsource some of my tasks to others so that I could have more time to concentrate on the most important stuff.

All of these were hard-learned lessons.

It took me time, pain, sweat, a ton of effort, lots of sleepless nights and countless headaches.

It doesn’t happen overnight; but if you go for it and believe in yourself, you can do it too.

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27. LJ Aviles

LJ AvilesLifecoachlj.com | @LifeCoachLJ

Expert BIO: LJ Aviles is a married blogger with 3 beautiful children. LJ Aviles helps people to start a blog, build traffic, and grow their online brand using Social Media platform.

One of the challenges I faced as a start up entrepreneur was finding the time to develop my own courses, free gifts, landing pages, blog posts, and other solutions to the problems of my potential customers. While trying to start an online business, I worked full time, and I have a wife and 3 kids which I refused to neglect, so I would only be able to dedicate about a 1-3 hours a night to my business which limited what I could really do. I knew the power of outsourcing, but even finding someone to help me while not yet generating an income was a difficult investment to decide on.

I then found a system that offers so much value. It has an amazing training system from industry experts on just about any type of social media/online marketing, customizable and done for you landing pages that convert really well, sales funnels, email copy, and an amazing community that helps you get in the right mindset. And the best part is, I finally was able to focus on helping people since my backend was already setup, and because of that my business is growing consistently. I learned how to setup automated systems that generate leads daily for me and I’m finally turning a profit in my business with recurring affiliate commissions. If you’d like to learn more, go to http://www.LifeCoachLJ.com/5stepleads.

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28. Lizzie Davey

Lizzie DaveyWanderful-world.com | @WanderfulWorld1 | facebook.com/lizzie.davey.79

Expert BIO: Lizzie is a professional business writer who helps brands grow their reach with audience-focused content. She also offers courses and workshops for budding freelancers, and helps them grow long-term, lucrative businesses.

Read how Lizzie overcame the blogging challenges during her startup:

My biggest challenge as a new freelancer/entrepreneur was finding the time to juggle everything I needed to do. I had to find clients to be able to pay rent, I had to get my website up and running, I had to market myself, and I had to actually do the work that I landed.

Nobody tells you how much time it takes to really get a business off the ground. Behind the scenes, I was like a hamster on a treadmill, constantly struggling to stay ahead of the game, but never quite feeling like I accomplished anything.

I overcame this by focusing on one thing at a time. I was full of ideas and had so many things I wanted to do, but I forced myself to write a list and only work on one thing at a time. So, one week, I would spend time sprucing up my Twitter, and the next I’d focus on reaching out to potential clients. Soon, as the process became easier as I started to pick up traction, I did one task each day that would move my business forward – and I still stick to this method today.

Now, I help other freelance writers get their businesses off the ground in small, manageable steps in Launch Your Life as a Freelancer.

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29. Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant NagiBloggingcage.com | @kulwantnagi | facebook.com/BloggingCage

Expert BIO: Kulwant is a multi-talented guy with keen knowledge in Entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Content Writing. Kulwant run a most popular blog of India named, BloggingCage.com. You’ll often see Kulwant writing on SEO tips, blogging, WordPress and also conduct lots of Interviews of Featured bloggers. Kulwant is also a travel freak.

Read what Kulwant Nagi has to say about challenges starting a new blog and how to overcome it:

Hitting the right audience is the biggest task being a blogger. I have seen people struggling for traffic. They put immense efforts to drive the traffic and still don’t make money.

They put efforts without understanding their core market and the psychology of their potential customers. Once you understand why customer is looking for your product, and what is the main force which drive them to take the action, selling or I would say making money is easy.

The biggest challenge is – understanding the market at a deeper level.

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30. Karissa Ancell

Karissa AncellAfreshstartonabudget.com | @KarissaAncell | facebook.com/Afreshstartonabudget

Expert BIO: Karissa Ancell helps you to find how to better your blog, family and life at same time.

My biggest challenge starting out as a blogger has been to discover who I am as a blogger and what I should blog about . I started out being a lifestyle blogger, then wanted to choose a niche because lots of what I read said I should have a niche.  I saw a lot of bloggers being successful writing blogging tips and advice.So I tried it for awhile but it wasn’t me. So I went back to what I enjoyed writing about and my traffic doubled. It’s about finding what you enjoy writing about and readers who want to read it.

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31. Jennifer Yant

Jennifer YantThedynamicdivaduo.com | @duo_diva | facebook.com/thedynamicdivaduo

Expert BIO: Jennifer is a stay-at-home mother of two beautiful girls. The reason to begin her blog was her chronic illness that affected her life’s passion. Jennifer blog’s little or more about Crafting, cooking, DIY projects, parenting, hobbies, collectibles and home decor, cleaning, storage and organization. Jennifer is also one among the top-rated seller on eBay for last 10+ years.

Jennifer has something to share with you guys about her blogging challenges and how she overcomes this:

Blogging…getting paid to show off my crafting skills, share my opinions, provide my audience with style guides and make money doing it? Yes! Sign me up, please! Well, it is all of those things but it is actually a lot more and requires quite a bit more time than I expected. The writing aspect comes easiest for me; I spent more than 7 years in college and grad school spending most of that time writing. My biggest challenge when I finally decided to take the leap of faith and begin blogging was learning the website side of blogging. I had no real computer skills, I can use Microsoft Word and surf the web but that’s about it! I started out on a free site and it just did not feel right, too many plugins, too many options. I needed to find something that would basically do it for me; more options and decisions do not fit with my ADHD brain! I finally found Squarespace and was able to build a site that just “feels right”. Pre-designed templates are great, I just had to replace the example pages with my own and voile! my site was born. There are a lot of ways you can customize your site as well, and they have an amazing support staff and step-by-step instructions on everything you could possibly think of. I love the simplicity of the templates, I believe it’s easier on the eyes and doesn’t distract my readers from my content.

Once I had my website up and going I realized I hadn’t really thought through who my audience was, and really wasn’t even sure what my message was. In hindsight this should have been step one! I would say that is the most important and often most neglected step in starting a new blog. After some soul searching I decided my audience was ‘me’…most people have varied interests just like I do. Going against most of the advice I read, I decided to let my blog show who I am, the good, bad & the ugly! I have found my readers appreciate my honesty and I love that they see me as a real person, and not someone I might be pretending to be. No one is perfect, neither are their lives…mind sure isn’t! I haven’t really focused my attention on any particular niche, I just write about what I find interesting, and in doing so I find that I produce better content because I’m truly engaged in my writing because I enjoy the subject matter. Not everyone who reads my blog will be interested in everything I have to say but they always find something useful among my ramblings!

My blog has been up-and-running for about six weeks and in that time I’ve grown from an audience of zero to a combined social media audience of over 5,000 and my Klout score puts me in the top 10% of social media influencers, in less than a month; the first time I checked it my score was a 10…yikes! It’s not too shabby now! Is it because I spend my entire day slaving away on my blog or spend big money to promote myself or that I’m some sort of blogging genius? Nope. It has been about engagement with my audience. This has made the most profound effect on my blog, and I believe is why I’m growing quickly. I’m sure there are bloggers who have double or triple the audience I have in the same time frame but I am pretty proud of where my blog is going. I respond to others and ask questions of my followers. I thank them for following me and for interacting with me on social media.

Blogging is an amazing way to share your story with others, and I’ve found that I get a lot back from my audience. It’s been a wild ride so far but I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. If I could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out it would be to be yourself. There are a lot of folks who are drawn to those whose lives seem perfect; their homes are sparkling clean, their kids behave, they make three course dinners every night and they somehow find a way to look like they stepped right out of a fashion magazine everyday. Well, I’m here to tell you that those people probably do exist. I’m just not one of them! If that describes you, then go ahead and show it to the world. If it’s not, show yourself anyway. People will love you for who you are, not what you want them to think you are. Being genuine speaks volumes. Write about what you know. My educational background is in psychology & criminology. My graduate program was in criminology. That’s not of much use for a lifestyle blogger…but, I can draw upon that knowledge for posts dealing with safety issues, domestic violence, etc…My training in psychology will allow me to tackle subjects such as parenting and relationship issues, mental health awareness and many other topics. Research was my life for a long time, it’s nice to be able to do it again, and this time on my terms! I can write about whatever tickles my fancy that day:)

My blog is not devoted to these subjects but it’s a part of it. I have a passion for decorating and crafts, DIY projects and I am a collector of (everything!) vintage. I incorporate those as well. I suffer from a chronic illness which unfortunately has become a large part of my life. In sharing my story I hope to encourage others who are fighting their own battles with chronic illnesses, and truly, I have been helped and encouraged more by my readers than I could ever do for them. Write about what your passions and what you love and your audience will love reading it. Have questions or just want to chat? I’d love to hear from you. Just shoot me an email!

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32. Janice Wald

Janice WaldMostlyblogging.com | @MrsPaznanski | facebook.com/janice.rappoportwald

Expert BIO: Janice is a teacher and blogs at her blog. Janice teaches about blogging and content creation.

My biggest challenge that I faced was lack of time. I have a job outside the home in addition to being a blogger. I also have a family. Both need my attention in addition to blogging which is like a full-time second job. I solved the problem by making a schedule it and being diligent about sticking to it.

There are days I blog, days I set aside to reply to commenters, and days I work on guest posts. If the schedule doesn’t work, I tweak it and keep tweaking it until it does.

Visit Mostly Blogging! At my site you will find writing, technology, blogging, productivity, and relationship tips.

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33. Jaime Buckley

Jaime BuckleyWantedhero.com | @WantedHero | facebook.com/WHBooks

Expert BIO: Jamie is a multi-talented guy with lot of hands on experience in Writing, Illustrator, Blogging.  Jamie is an unique and quirky type of writer with an innovative writing style. Jamie stays in Utah with his wife along with his 12 children and 7 grandchildren, yep, that’s a big number.

Jaime  tells us here how he overcomes the starting a new blog challenges:

It’s challenging when you have BIG dreams.

Many people I know talk about ‘million dollar ideas’. Not me. I’ve always wanted to create something BIGGER.

I wanted to grow a BILLION dollar idea.

Something SO large, it would provide a career to support my family, allow me to do what I loved for the rest of my life, and provide opportunities for my posterity. It had to be dynamic and complex enough to envelope every other idea I could come up with from that time forward.

That idea became Wanted Hero.

The challenges I’ve faced in building wantedhero.com for over a decade have been many (and some a little crazy)…

I was told my ideas were impossible. I funded my launch with a single jackpot pull of a slot machine in Nevada (true story). Lost my mother and infant niece in a horrific car wreck. Buried half a dozen friends, family and my mentor all in a 2 year span (all from cancer). I’ve been homeless, twice (both times with 11 children and an aging father-in-law to care for).

So I understand challenges.

I also understand desperation, fear, poverty, abandonment and what it’s like to have a hunger and focus few would understand (I wrote my first book while homeless). So when Admin asked me what challenges I faced in building my business—I realized that all my challenges fall under a single question:

What do you do when what works for everyone else does NOT work for you?

Marketing secrets, social media how to’s, mail list strategies, seminars on success, landing page systems and countless other various tools…have never worked for me. Not the way the pros suggest.

Not even once.

I’m pretty sure I have at least an average intelligence. I followed the directions verbatim. I exerted myself for extended periods of time (keep in mind I’ve been at this for nearly 12 years now).

…but I never achieved the results eluded to.

Sad? Of course not! I have a VERY unique business clientele.

You see, Wanted Hero is a fantasy world, where the core readership are 9-13 years old kids.

That’s children, not goats.

Nine year olds don’t surf the web like adults do. They don’t have credit cards, PayPal accounts or use Bitcoins. They don’t sign up for newsletters, nor do they usually have email accounts, mix on social media sites or follow their favorite authors on Twitter.

Seeing a pattern here? Traditional methods simply don’t reach them.

So I marketed to their parents.

To make sure I was focused, I took a YEAR off from writing and just marketed to the adults. 12 unique articles a day, movies, podcasts…even weekly infographics. I blogged like a madman, built my brand around the parents and reached out to everyone I could.

I bought tools, took courses, engaged on blogs all over the internet to the point that people asked if I had a staff, because I was EVERYwhere. Built unique visitors to an all-time high in monthly traffic for WantedHero.com.

My total website revenue for that year was…..drum roll pleeeeease….


I spent a year building the wrong brand and the wrong kind of relationships and in the end, didn’t have a penny to show for it!

This revelation forced me to take a step back, break down every habit I’d developed and to analyze the various progress I’d made over nearly 12 years, both on and offline.

What I discovered became the foundation of the consistent success and growth I now experience.

TRUTH #1: If you cannot progress in your specific niche, EXPAND, CONNECT & OVERLAP with new niche’s.

The core storyline of Wanted Hero is a series entitled ‘Chronicles of a Hero’. Because I couldn’t directly reach the 9-13 year old market, I expanded my world to include other books, all of which eventually point back to that original series. Demoni Vankil and Bloodtsicks were focused on age 15+, but also crossed over from fantasy to mystery and suspense genres. Advanced Worldbuilding has become my #1 Bestseller, focused on helping writers of fiction in a unique way—which uses examples of my stories, while providing a complete list of my works. Can You Do THIS? and Baby Dragon are picture books, which introduce little tots AND their parents to the Wanted Hero world, with a link to a full list of books, as well as being released in English, Spanish, French and German.

Everything I create is connected to the core series.

TRUTH #2: Assist in OTHER PEOPLE’S PROJECTS which can then be linked back to your own product/service/niche.

I’ve been a professional illustrator for over 30 years and recently became a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr. It wasn’t long before I realized that my clients, mostly new authors of children’s books, could be a huge advantage and resource. So I created a specific ‘gig’ catering to new authors, providing exceptional pricing and service in exchange for illustrator credits!

The result? My name is now on front covers, listed on copyright pages (as well as the wantedhero.com address), listed in databases and talked about in social circles by these new authors.

TRUTH #3: Shift your FOCUS to shift your RESULTS.

There was no way I could directly approach my 9-13 year old market with my books…but there was another part of Wanted Hero that could. That was games.

It was my brother that discovered this. “Maybe we’re doing this backwards, Jaime. You make games that everyone likes and that the whole family can play. So why not market the games to everyone and make sure that each game boldly states, ‘based on the Chronicles of a Hero book series’? When the kids have fun, they’ll come looking for the books as well!”

My brother was right. When we shifted our focus, people started asking about the books. Now we’re developing a unique game series to be marketed in mass around the world.

TRUTH #4: The best filter and magnet is to BE YOURSELF!

This may seem like this goes without saying, but you’d be wrong. When we desire to be successful, we tend to follow the example of those who are successful. That’s not a bad thing, so long as we don’t become clones of what we’re pursuing.

All too often, that’s what happens.

When I found Be A Better Blogger, I signed up for Kevin Duncan’s newsletter, not because of what he was offering, but because of the character behind the writing. He was a brilliant, funny and addicting writer—and you learned things! For the first time in 9 years of reading blogs, I signed up just because I liked this guy!

We became good friends and I’m still his #2 fan.

When things became almost unbearable, I felt like walking away from it all. It was then that my wife approached me and said, “Try one more thing.”

“There’s nothing left to DO,” I replied.

She smiled and took my face in her hands and said, “Just be you. People will like you.”

What? Could it be that simple?? Just be…ME?

Throwing aside my assumptions of what people wanted to see and hear, I engaged in hundreds of conversations on blogs I loved. Before long I was writing books I wanted to give to my own children, emailing readers who purchased my books—personally thanking them. I even blogged about what mattered to me.

The results were mind blowing. Website traffic doubled in 2 weeks. It doubled again a week later. Doubled again the next week and doubled yet again three weeks after that! By the end of 2 months, Wanted Hero had 30,000 unique visitors a month.

I believe blogs and even websites will soon be discovered and followed because of personalities behind them, not because of SEO, links or even Google. The REAL power is already in your grasp…so be yourself!

TRUTH #5: You cannot GUARANTEE success. You can only guarantee your GROWING CHANCE at success.

This may be a sensitive subject for many, but nothing has helped me more than understanding specific aspects of the internet.

  1.        The basis of all success is RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships don’t need Google, links, or SEO. Make them, nourish them, grow them.
  2.        The pro’s are 100% correct about MAILING LISTS: this IS your most powerful resource, but you may have to build it in various ways. Make it your priority!
  3.        The fantastic results you hear on the internet are the EXCEPTIONS, not the rule…so don’t believe hype that’s marketed as ‘the norm’.
  4.        If ONE person likes what you have or do, chances are, someone else will too—you just have to find them.
  5.        Always be KIND! Always. Doors open for kind people, and we’re remembered and talked about long after the liars and cheats are run out of town.
  6.        YOU CANNOT ACCURATELY TRACK YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS! You can track clicks, downloads and purchases, but you cannot track a conversation offline or how it may convert a mind or heart in a week, a month or even a year from now in the real world. Make consistent efforts and don’t stop (see #1 above).
  7.        SUCCESS takes time, effort and patience, so don’t give up—it’s an endurance race, not a sprint.

Now go out and be awesome!

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34. Irfan Merchant

Irfan MerchantWpcarvy.com | @wpcarvy

Expert BIO: Irfan Merchant is a multi-talented guy with knowledge in Copywriting, Email marketing, Salespage.

Quite a few to be frank but the one that stands head, shoulders and waist line above is the information overwhelm. If you dive head first, like i did, then say your prayers – because one is swept away in multiple directions and before you realize it’s months and you haven’t done anything except hoarding information.

Solution : Invest time in a plan. Stick to it at all costs. No lateral growth Even better ? Have a mentor and stick to his / her plan Or else – Struggle

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35. Ikechi Awazie

Ikechi AwazieAwazieikechi.com | @ikechiawazie | facebook.com/ikechi.awazie

Expert BIO: Ikechi Awazie is Blogger, Web Developer. Ikechi blogs about leadership, inspirational facts for his readers in his blog.

What were your challenges faced as a Startup/Blogger/Entrepreneur and How did you overcome this?

1. Engagement.

When I started blogging,  I did not have much engagement on my blog and it looked like my blog was a Ghost town.

I overcame this issue by reaching out to other bloggers of my niche and building strong relationships.  I also joined the AHA Community where I met awesome people.  This made the difference.

2. Poor Hosting.

I opted for cheap hosting and faced so many issues that caused my blog to experience so much down time.

I solved this problem by research and reading reviews plus I asked for advice from experts.

3. Too much Plugins

Using many plugins gave my blog a tough time to load.  I used any plugin that I liked or saw other experts use. This had an negative effect on my blog.

I eventually had to use those plugins that I really needed and dispose the rest.

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36. Harleena Singh

JHarleena SinghAha-now.com | @harleenas | facebook.com/ahanow

Expert BIO: Harleena is a Freelance writer and blogger. Harleena blogs at Aha-now and actively writes on various topics like blogging, life & inspirations, Self improvements, Family & Parenting, Technology, Work & Career etc.

Check out Harleena’s confession that she faced while starting up blogging as career:

I did not intend to step into the blogging arena as a professional blogger. So my first handicap was that I did not have a blog plan, blogging strategies, or any idea about where to go and how to go about blogging. As a result, blogging was a challenging task for me and I had to start from scratch, do a lot of research and experimenting, so the self-learning was indeed a steep curve.

I relied on my basic intuitions and understandings of the basics of relationships, as I perceived that blogging was all about networking. I did learn and excel in blog commenting and blog promotion through various channels including the social media. I also successfully developed my own blogging community, the ABC. However, monetization came at a very later stage and that was yet another challenge.

The lessons from my experiences were that you should know what you’re getting into, prepare yourself completely, make full-hearted efforts, be committed and persistent. If you believe in yourself, remain positive, and hopeful, you’ll find all the solutions to your problems.

Thanks 🙂

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37. Gini Dietrich

Gini DietrichSpinsucks.com | @ginidietrich | facebook.com/ArmentDietrich

Expert BIO: Gini Dietrich is a CEO of Arment Dietrich and author of Spin Sucks.

We started blogging in 2006 so it’s been a looooooong time. But there were many, many lessons: We learned there should be a consistent voice and a consistent schedule. We learned all about front-end SEO and how to write for both humans and search engines. We learned how to categorize and use tags. We learned how to use images and video to increase engagement. We learned how to use social media to entice people to come to the blog and comment. We learned how to monetize all of the work we were doing. But it wasn’t easy (and still isn’t). One of the best ways to overcome all of the things you don’t know about blogging is to read, read, and read some more. Today you have the advantage of many, many trying it and having success so you can learn from others’ mistakes. Take advantage! Read the bloggers you admire. Pay attention to the lessons they provide. Ask questions. Interview those you respect. And be yourself. You are the only you so no one can replicate that.

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38. Francis Quarshie

Francis QuarshieGallople.com | @Gallople | facebook.com/franquash

Expert BIO: Francis Quarshie is a WordPress enthusiast, blogger, and the founder of Gallople media GH.

My biggest challenge was “time”:

I am an exploration driller who works in remote areas, and the only hours I had for my startup was at nights.

Drilling has always been a 6-6 job everywhere.

Imagine the struggle.

The only way was to stay up late with cups of coffee and 2 to 3 bottles of “5-Star”, an energy drink after close of work.

I did “TDB”, that’s “Till Day Break” most of the times, and still had to report to the field for operations in the mornings.

So, I threaded cautiously when operating drill rigs for my safety, the equipment and that of the other drilling personnel.

I must say that running a one man show business is hell. I started Gallople Media Ghana that way.

To save time, I simply learn from others on the internet. It’s the quickest way to thrive.

I learned web technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, everything internet including content marketing, and copywriting the hard way.

I’m the type who implements ideas immediately after learning a new thing with the aim of seeing instant results.

And that attitude has strengthened me.

One last important thing:

I grab the expertise of talented friends. Why? I don’t know everything–surely saves time too.

What brought me this far?

Perseverance: it’s a treasure every blogger or entrepreneur must have. I never had any internet experience before I started blogging in December 2014, and making money online from July, 2015 to date.

There’re a lot more to share but I think this will do for now.

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39. Devesh Sharma

Devesh SharmaWpkube.com | @devesh | facebook.com/WPkube

Expert BIO: Devesh is a young Indian blogger who has good expertise in Internet marketing, WordPress. Devesh founded a dedicated blog for sharing his WordPress tips, plugins reviews, themes and many more. Devesh has his own team behind running WPKube.

Read how Devesh comes out of his blogging challenges during his startup career:

“The biggest challenge I faced as a blogger / entrepreneur was language barrier. English isn’t my first language and I wasn’t great at it (still not to this day). So when I first launched the site, I use to make a ton of mistakes / grammatical errors. But I kept going and overtime I built a team of writers, who were much better at writing than me. And I started focusing on other areas of business.”

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40. Deevra Norling

Deevra NorlingDeevranorling.com | @DeevraNorling | facebook.com/deevra

Expert BIO: Deevra Norling is a freelance writer with a focus on content writing, travel writing, copywriting, and news & journalistic writing. She has been featured on Career Addict, is a Huffington Post blogger, and a contributor to FreelancerFAQs.

I had two challenges when I first started this journey as a freelancer writer.

The first was fear. Making the decision to quit a secure job with a stable income was not easy. What if it didn’t work and I hit the skids financially? It was a risk and risks scare us. That’s human nature. But what scared me the most, was the thought of waking up at 60 still sitting at a desk in a 9-5 job. I was 38 when I made the decision to quit my job – most likely I’d hit my mid-life crisis. By 38 you’re almost halfway through half your life. The thought of spending more years being unhappy and miserable was unbearable. What gave me the push was asking the question – did I want the regret of not having tried.

The second challenge was finding clients. I stepped out into the freelance world with nothing in my portfolio (except some old articles from my student days). Initially I did some work for free which helped me build a portfolio. My first pay cheque came from a startup news website for $200. That was a significant milestone because it was tangible proof that I could get paid as a writer. Marketing is crucial in the beginning. When nobody knows you, clients will not land in your lap. I advertised, joined business networking groups, and applied for writing gigs. The first two years were tough. During those two years I was, however, slowly building an online presence.  This is my third year of freelancing, and things have suddenly turned around. Instead of looking for work, work came to me. I was approached by people who have seen my work online.

Through the struggle of two long hard years, I could not see if it would all work out in the end, and I still don’t know what lies ahead. There were many times I wanted to throw in the towel. These words by Sybil Chavis, who runs the blog The Possibility of Today, ring true, “All our hard work, pushing through, searching, hoping and taking step after step forward will pay off. In fact, it already is. Even if you can’t see it yet, things are already rearranging and falling into place.” I’ve often wondered if things were ever going to fall into place, and I think that, yes, they were and always are rearranging, and slowly they have started to fall into place. I think it’s a matter of perseverance.

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41. Davis Brown

Davis BrownBlog.templatetoaster.com | @davisbrown562 | facebook.com/TemplateToaster

Expert BIO: Davis Brown is a Blogger, e-commerce specialist, Web Designer and passionate about the web and user Interface.

We started this startup “TemplateToaster” few year ago. We faced many challenges because there were so many WordPress builders already in the market. Thing was to found the right market and target the right audience for our web design software. So we analysis our competitor strategy and hired we marketing experts to increase conversions. We stared email marketing,  We improve our blog content. We implement the right social media strategy Paid and Unpaid, PPC,  as well  as affiliate marketing. We did many different thing like Giveaways.Within a few days we got desired output and today we are stunning strong. Our page ranking improves as well as Alexa ranking. People are now aware of our “TemplateToaster” brand and they want to buy our software.

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42. Cody Sparks

Cody SparksWebhostdesignpost.com | @whdpcom

Expert BIO: Cody sparks is obsessed with Web development & Marketing. Cody writes about wordpress stuffs on his blog webhostdesignpost.com

The first problem I had is that I didn’t take it serious.  I was just typing words and hitting submit.  I didn’t think about keywords, shareability, or proof reading it.  In result, no one came and no one stayed.

If you are starting a new blog you have to take it by the hand and drag it up the hill.  You control your blog’s destiny.

Learning some basic keyword research and paying attention to what others are writing about in the industry you will help you narrow down what you should be writing about.  Search out posts that are already being shared and linked to and take a different approach on it.

Second problem I had is listing to everyone on how to “blog”.

Every industry is different and every blog is different.  Find what your industry standard is and combine it with your own voice.  If you are in an industry that expects a full 3,000 word thesis, then you need to write a 3,000 word thesis.  Your users are going to expect a certain level of quality and your blog needs to deliver it.

With that being said, always look at your influencers in your space.  If your post is not better than theirs, then you are going to have a hard time growing.  Use your influencer to be a baseline to the quality of your blog.

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43. Cindy Coe

Cindy CoeCinfullysimple.com | @cinfullysimple | facebook.com/therealcindycoe

Expert BIO: Cindy loves to cook and like sharing her secret recipes tips with others on her blog cinfullysimple.com

When I started Cinfully Simple I had no idea how to “run” a blog and I had no WordPress knowledge. I had a blog for my other company (an organizational development firm) but rarely used it. So starting a food blog was a whole new animal. There were many challenges, but a few that are top of mind are:

1) Competing in a very noisy space and finding ways to stand out.
2) Finding a good team and especially a good web developer/designer who can create what you want and need and help you learn the ropes.
3) Figuring out the best way to monetize a blog and earn income. Because you quickly find out that to make money, you first have to spend it.

Overcoming the challenges can be challenging! Most people do not realize how much work is really involved in creating a successful blog! The word tenacity comes to mind—Or maybe it’s insanity?

1) Being heard above the noise:

For starters, I chose to be very REAL and to use a lot of humor (I’m actually funnier in writing than in person)—No longer having “corporate” clients to impress allowed me to just unleash my personality and my sense of humor and say things I never would have been able to say to people in my former work life! It was fun and freeing. I’d like to think that people come to Cinfully Simple as much for our stories as they do for recipes and food porn. We call our fans “Cinners” and if it weren’t for them, we’d just be talking to ourselves! So always keeping our audience in mind is SO important! The other thing that we (me and “Dr. Double Portions”) use to set us apart is that we are serious fly girls  and seasoned world travelers, so we’ve added that bit of adventure to the blog to give it even more “personality” if you will. Our adventures are legendary and they often include food, fun and adventure. We like to say, “We are eating our way around the world one bite at a time!” For instance, next month we head to Italy!

2) There is no I in TEAM:

It would be fabulous to know it all but sadly, I don’t—I’m a big proponent of the “I can do it myself” adage, but in blogging even I had to throw up the white flag and ask for HELP! Though my being  what I call a geek-light helped a lot with my learning WordPress, sometimes I still feel like I’m running with my shoes tied together! Because of this, a web developer can make or break your blog (literally); so finding a good one who will listen, train, put up with you and communicate with you well and frequently is SO very important! Even then, sometimes wires can still get crossed. So it’s also important to be a good project manager and know at least enough about what you’re doing to be dangerous (so you’re not completely clueless), and to be crystal clear in communicating what you want, and what you don’t want for your site.

The tech side of blogging is arduous and also very segmented. By that I mean it’s hard to find someone who is the “one stop shop” of web developer, designer, monetization/marketing expert, ad/affiliate expert, mail list guru, etc… Believe me, I’ve tried to find that leprechaun! It doesn’t exist. Further blogging has become big business and that means there’s always someone waiting to sell you a fictional pot of gold. Thus, my best advice to new bloggers or any bloggers is that if you find one person who is great at one or two of these things, make sure they have lots of resources to refer you to, so you can get your other needs met. Otherwise trying to source all these different resources yourself can take a lot of time and take you seriously off track from your goal—blogging. Been there, done that. Think of it like you would your health. If you have an illness, you don’t want three random doctors who don’t communicate with one another on your case, all prescribing different medications and courses of treatment. You want them all to come from one network and to be working together in continuity for your best interests.

Another side note piece of advice: Try as hard as you can to be visionary from the start when building your site. Otherwise, you may find yourself starting over in a a year or two, as many bloggers do—Us included. We have a new site launching at the end of this month. Same URL, whole new look (www.cinfullysimple.com). Migrating an old blog to a new template can almost drive you to the brink of the aforementioned insanity or in our case, drive us to drink the free wine provided to us by wonderful brand sponsors! Which leads me to the next challenge…

3) Money talks:

Money may be the root of all evil but without it, your blog is just a very time consuming and expensive hobby. As if it’s not bad enough that the #1 question people ask me when I tell them about Cinfully Simple is, “Can you really make money at that?” I don’t know about you, but I didn’t semi-retire from successful a company I built from the ground-up and a healthy income to “hobby blog.” Not that it’s a bad thing—just not MY thing. Crocheting is a hobby. My blog is meant to earn income-preferably the passive kind. Otherwise I’d be sipping Margarita’s at my Mexican condo, contemplating the merits of Vitamin Sea, instead of baring my soul and sharing food porn for the world to see! I’m just sayin’.

That said, this is a topic I liken to building an airplane while it’s up in the air. A year and a half later, we are still figuring this out. And YES, though we WILL work for food, booze, kitchen and tech gadgets, airfare, accommodations—Cold hard cash (and bitcoin) is truly the only currency that pays the bills. I wish I could say there is a “magic formula” to monetizing your blog but thus far, after reading half of the books and blogs on the topic, we haven’t found one—Sadly, Genie is stuck in the bottle.  It seems every source supports a slightly different approach, and while one article sounds like the Holy Grail, the next will surely contradict it. Blog monetization it seems is as big a secret as the afterlife. So, I’ll tell you what other bloggers tell me. Just keep on blogging and you’ll figure it out. But hey, I’m always willing to be wrong so if you’ve got the magic formula, could you hook a girl up?

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44. Chirag

Chiragchirag.co | @chiragdotco | facebook.com/ChiragJDodiya

Expert BIO: Chirag, a 21 year old young entrepreneur who founded his first company at 16 and did his first exit at 20. When not working, you might find Chirag busy speaking, traveling or reading.

Here we go, for me when coming up with any startup. The biggest challenge I have faced is to sell the idea in the first place. To team members, to customers, to investors, you just have to sell. It all depends on how you perceive your venture to be and what’s the ultimate goals that attracts the kind of team you have to build and the customers you have to target.

For this simple reason, to evaluate the startup idea and to make the concrete foundation. while working on any new startup from ideation to execution and everything in between. Everyday, I take a walk down to any street, or go in any cafe or restaurant. Talking to people and understanding the perception of my target audience on how they would like to use my startup product and the way it should work that really helps them ways I can’t always imagine. Sometimes, they surprise you and other time, you do. That’s what has been my favorite part of starting up ever since.

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45.Bobby Umar

Bobby UmarRaeallan.com | @raehanbobby | facebook.com/Bobby-Umar-Leadership-and-Development

Expert BIO: Bobby is a recognized Speaker and teacher of courses developed to motivate senior levels, professionals, and students. He has over 20 years experience in providing leadership training, conferences, corporate events, and number of other teaching courses. He is also named as Top 100 Leadership speakers in North America.

Read what were Bobby’s challenges while starting up his speaker’s role:

The biggest challenge to my business startup was owning my path and staying focused. I decided to follow a path that was my own and saying no to all the time and energy I had invested in a path that wasn’t authentic to me. I felt like I was disappointing people, society, corporate leaders, my parents. I overcame it by using a personal brand process that also took into account feedback assessment from a broad range of people. They helped feed into my self-discovery. Once I saw that everything aligned and I felt entirely comfortable with my Leadership Path of passion and purpose, I never looked back.

If I had to pick the top 5 things new businesses owners can or should do today to be successful now and in the near-term:

  1. Talk to, invest in and leverage the power of people: Feedback, Networking, getting support, infusing the vision and belief, make connections, share your ideas and get their ideas, be sure to give back to others. When you network, you make your network to build your net worth.
  2. Know and leverage your Brand
  3. Do what you love, are good at and can earn enough to live the successful life you want
  4. Focus

Own Failure don’t let failure own you: Be willing to fail, learn from failure, and let go when failure happens

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46. Ben Kubassek

Ben KubassekKnowgogrow.com | @KnowGoGrow | web.facebook.com/bkubassek

Expert BIO: Ben helps young entrepreneurs by sharing info, motivation and inspiration to encourage entrepreneurship & end poverty in developing countries

As a young entrepreneur launching my first venture at the age of 21, my greatest challenge was lack of mentorship.  I had to learn everything on my own. That meant making a lot of mistakes.

The positive part of learning everything on your own is that you learn a great deal from your mistakes. I have found that we learn very little from our successes compared to what we learn from our failures.

However, I also learned the hard way (after surviving burnout at 27) that it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes. It’s easier on our health and doesn’t cost nearly as much money. That led me to become a student of health and wellness and living a balanced life.

The most amazing discovery I made was that balance is not about doing less…it’s about doing more.  In other words, it’s all the things we are not doing that lead us down the path of self-destruction and burnout.

Those things we need to be doing on a daily basis not only prevent burnout, but result in living life with passion and purpose while making an impact on the world around us. I call them F-Words…family, friends, fitness, finances & faith.

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47. Arjen ter Hoeve

Arjen ter HoeveNeverworkpastfiveagain.com | facebook.com/mindmapsunleashed

Expert BIO: Arjen ter Hoeve is a Writer, Personal Coach, Trainer at neverworkpastfiveagain.com.

The biggest challenge in the beginning for me was finding enough time to get the actual work done. The way I handled that was by really simplifying what I had to do, and then take care of it at set times.

For instance, blogging meant I had to write 500 meaningful words that solved a problem, described a technique, or showcased a particular result.

By determining the night before what I would write about, and by using a template when writing, I achieved that goal.

I never let my circumstances, mood, or “inspiration” determine my writing. It was always done at 6am and 8pm.

This is my formula to produce meaningful results: clear goals + templates + set times = results

If you like to learn more on living your life while building your business or blog, visit me at http://NeverPastFive.com, where I share ideas that help you today.

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48. Anil Agarwal

Anil AgarwalBloggerspassion.com | @Bloggerspassion | facebook.com/anilagar

Expert BIO:  Anil is one of the passionate blogger from India. He is been blogging since 2010 and he writes on SEO, blogging tips and do lots of interviews on featured bloggers too.

Read what Anil has to speak about his challenged during his blogging career:

I struggled to find the right strategy to convert website visitors into sales. I know a lot of people face the same issue. Majority of the bloggers focus on increasing their traffic, but they don’t know how to convert it.

If you are one among them, make sure to lay out the right monetization strategy for your blog’s audience first. Think about various ways to convert people into subscribers and then sales.

Also make sure to analyze your competitors by using tools such as SEMrush (you can read more about it here). Analyzing your competitors can give you better ideas on growing your website traffic and sales.

And it also makes it easy for you to find out what’s working well in your field. Once you know how the top blogs are getting more traffic and the monetization strategies they are using to grow their traffic and income, you will get a fair idea on how to proceed with your blog’s overall strategy in the long run.

So don’t miss a chance to spy on your competitors whenever you get time. And make sure to connect with the influencers through email or social media to grow your online visibility. After all, connections are everything online. They not only help you boost your online brand but also can help you bring massive sales and subscribers to your list.

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49. Allan Pollett

Allan PollettAllanpollett.com | @allanp73 | facebook.com/webmarketingsuccess

Expert BIO: Since 1998, Allan has been as a SEO and web marketing specialist. He is known as the “SEO Guru” having written several books reputation management, social media and SEO related topics. Over the years, he has helped over a 1000 businesses get to the top of the organic search results.

Here is what Allan wants to share with you guys about his startup challenges and how he overcome this:

The biggest challenge for anyone whether they are a startup, blogger, or entrepreneur is knowing their worth. When I first started my marketing business, I would offer my services for cheap as possible with the hope of getting a client. One of my first major clients was an investment company who at the time was just launching their web site. For $200/month, I did all their marketing. At the time I was broke and it seemed like a lot of money so I worked hard for them. It was only later, I found out that the work I was doing was generating over a million dollars in business for the company per month. The experience was an eye opener, I had greatly undervalued my services and needed to adjust my pricing. It took several years before I understand what price points businesses would be willing to pay. However, once I was able to tackle the pricing issue my business grew in leaps and bounds. It is not about being the cheapest or most expensive, it is about understanding what the client can afford and what can be done within that budget. When I meet a client, I’ll ask them what their budget is and set realistic goals that can be achieved with that budget or show them ways to get the most out of their budget.

Another big mistake is to charge based on an hourly rate. Though you must understand how much your time is worth, once you set an hourly rate you have put a cap on how much you are worth. There are only so many hours in a day. A better approach is to charge based on the concept of a project, a delivered result or product. If you can get the project done faster, use staff, outsourced resources or automation to get the job done at a lower cost to you, then you can manage more projects and increase the profit on each project. Once you see work this way there is no limit to how much money you can make. When I give seminars on marketing, I like to ask people “how can you make a million dollars?”. Usually, I get a lot of blank stares, then I tell them the simple answer: Learn how to make a $1 and repeat the process a million times. Now that sounds like a non-serious answer but it holds a truth. Making money is all about putting what I said above all together. Understand how much people would be willing to pay for your product or service, sell it as a project price not hourly rate, then find ways to reduce time, cost or automate the delivery of the project. If a product or service is priced correctly, it will sell itself. You just need to make people aware that it is available at that price. That’s where hiring a good marketing guy comes in handy.

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50. Ahmad Awais

Ahmad AwaisAhmadawais.com | @mrahmadawais | facebook.com/ahmadawais

Expert BIO: Ahmad Awais is a WordPress core contributor who loves Open Source. Ahmad Awais is also a  Full Stack WordPress Dev, Front-end Fanatic, WP Core Contributor / TED Speaker

I am a WordPress core contributor who loves Open Source. Long story short, for more than four years — as a freelancer — I tested my skill set both as a designer and as a web developer. After all that, I decided that WordPress was my thing.

I don’t know how, but I took a leap of faith and instead of learning all the new languages at random, I decided to commit to WordPress. 2015 was the second year of this commitment, and I feel like I am on the right track.

See it’s easy to be on the bottom, it doesn’t take any effort to be a loser. It doesn’t take any motivation and any drive in order to stay down there on a low level. But it calls on everything in you. You have to harness your will to say I’m going to challenge myself.

Listen to me, if it was easy, everybody would do it. There are people right now who are working who don’t want to work. There are people who hate their jobs, but they keep getting up to do it.

The question is what are you going to do with your time. What drives you.Greatness is a lot of small things done well. Day, after day. Workout after a workout. Obedience after obedience. A day after day.

Focus is important, doing one thing for a good deal of time is important.

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51. Aby Moore

Aby MooreYoubabymemummy.com | @YouBabyMeMummy | facebook.com/youbabymemummy/

Expert BIO: Aby Moore is an Award winning Blogger. She provides Blogging coach on her blog specially dedicated to “mom working from home”. She has also contributed her articles to top websites like Huffington.

Read how Aby Moore overcome the challenges faced during her Blogging startup:

The biggest challenges I have faced starting my own business working from home, have been time and balance without doubt.  Being a mum, a wife and a blogger means there is a constant struggle to find scraps of time to do work, with constant multiple demands for my attention. It can get overwhelming at times.  My daughter initially only went into childcare for a few hours a week, so most of my work was done in the evenings when she was asleep, it still is!  I now try to work as efficiently as possible, utilizing any time hack I can find, although I still find myself burning the midnight oil.  I think time challenges are common among self employed people as we have to love what we do in order to take the risk, which often means we are the type of people who find it difficult to switch off!.

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Wrapping up…  Well I believe you all enjoyed reading these great tips on challenges faced while Starting a new blog and how to overcome this. You have now all the reasons to succeed with what you are been doing.

Just remember, blogging or a startup is not a 24 hrs game, you need to work hard and accept the challenges to succeed in your niche. Be innovative, be unique, be helping nature, be smart to do take your career in blogging forward.

Let me in the comment section what you learned, how you feel now after reading some cool advise from the Top Experts in the industry.

Last but not least, Thank you all the Experts who contributed here and also the ones who couldn’t due to time constraints. This article wouldn’t be what it is now without your kind contributions on Starting a New blog Challenge, so I wish you guys a Good Luck and you are all Awesome 🙂 !!!


These are some of the Starting a New Blog Challenges.

  • No Time
  • Language barrier
  • Can’t stay Focussed consistently
  • Dunno how to bring Traffic to your new blog
  • Not so Technical to handle html/css stuff
  • Dunno which niche to opt, whom to target, not sure how to convert website readers to Sales.

and ways to overcome these challenges are:

  • Make a To-do list, focus on main tasks and work according to the deadline
  • Hire someone from Freelance/Elance or hire someone who can edit your work
  • Read more of inspiration/motivational quote; when others can, why can’t You?
  • Same issues with all newbies. Read some SEO strategies, build audience on Facebook, Twitter, Make some connections.
  • Why don’t you hire someone from Fiverr/Elance/Odesk. You would get plenty of them for reasonable rates.
  • Major issues. Consult some expert in your niche and learn them. Follow their work and accordingly construct your blog or brand to be successful.


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We have interviewed more than 50 Successful experts and asked one question to them - what were their 'starting a new blog challenge'.


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